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I have a pair of jeans that are older than Ash's.

Before you begin, vote on at least 3 applications before yours and link them here. If there are none, write N/A and carry on!,, and many more but not for several months back hohhohoh...

Let's Begin...
Name, please? : Alexis!
Age : 21
Gender : boobs
Location : Brisbane, Australia
Where did you find us? : I don't.. remember. I joined ages ago.

Just Because...
Favorite Pokemon and why? : Ummmmm. Raichu(don't even know why, but I will always adore raichu. I think it's because he always had such an attitude in the show, heh), Bulbasaur, Breloom, Aerodactyl, Staraptor(possibly the only new pokemon I really like. I adore my Hammer and his tendancy to kick butt and takes names), Lanturn, Dunsparse, Cubone, Gyrados, Typhlosion, Golbat, and many more.
Least Favorite Pokemon and why?: Mr Mime and Luvdisc. Ugggghh. Ludicolo freaks the crap out of me, but I wouldn't say I dislike it...
Favorite Type of Pokemon? (Water, Psychic, Dark, etc.): Ummmmm. Grass? Electric? Ground?
Least Favorite Type of Pokemon? (see above)?: Fighting or Dark. Eh.
Favorite Gym Leader? : Brock.
Pokemon TV Show, Movies, Comic, Video Game, or Merchandise - Which is best? : Video game!! Though I do love the show.

Now, we finally get to the section associated with your vote:
Post a couple clear pictures of yourself!:







...Have at.
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