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Just Lanie

Ashy pants.

My first application was a few years ago and I was stamped as Abra. I love that adorable little thing but seeing as a few years gone by, I'd like to see what I look like now. :D

I have also only played up to Gold/Silver, so I am only familiar of the 251 Pokemon. But if you think I look like any of the ones after that, alrighty!

Before you begin, vote on at least 3 applications before yours and link them here. If there are none, write N/A and carry on!


Let's Begin...
Name, please? : Lanie
Age : 19
Gender : Female
Location : SoCal.
Where did you find us? : For this? My flist. Before that? I don't remember, but most likely though affiliations.

Just Because...
Favorite Pokemon and why? : Mewtwo. Does it sound cheap? I hope not. I like Mewtwo because...well, I was eleven or something when I first played the game and when I caught him, he has been my main Pokemon ever since. I also like Chikorita.
Least Favorite Pokemon and why?: None in particular. But I don't like the designs on some of the newer Pokemon. They seem so...mechanic? Like you shot a life beam into a toaster and that toaster became a Pokemon.
Favorite Type of Pokemon? (Water, Psychic, Dark, etc.): Psychic and grass!
Least Favorite Type of Pokemon? (see above)?: None in particular.
Favorite Gym Leader? : Of the ones I can remember, I like Morty. I think last time I said Sabrina, but...Morty's more chill, I think.
Pokemon TV Show, Movies, Comic, Video Game, or Merchandise - Which is best? : I got into it thanks to the show, got more into it thanks to the games. Buuut even though I didn't buy much of the merchandise, I'll admit that some of them are cute.

Now, we finally get to the section associated with your vote:
Post a couple clear pictures of yourself!:

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